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Thu, Oct 18th 1:53pm
I am going to have a 3 bedroom 2 bath rental available for rent from November 15th with a Large Garage and Carport.   Can come mostly furnished if you want including refrigerator, washer, dryer, dining room table and 4 chairs, 2 large screen T.V.s and much more including BBQ etc.  $1,298/mo.  Don't wait if you need a rental since they are virtually impossible to find in Chester!

Wed, Aug 2nd 10:36pm
John, a friend of mine from church caught a 7# plus German Brown last weekend. Doesn't it make you want to be up here right now?

Wed, Mar 15th 4:38pm
At Silver Lake

Wed, Mar 15th 3:29pm
Riding the trail

Wed, Mar 15th 3:28pm

On the way back

Wed, Mar 15th 3:23pm
Panoramic view of Swain Mountain

Wed, Mar 15th 3:07pm
Here are some pictures from our snowmobile ride to Silver Lake from Swain Mtn Snowmobile park

Wed, Mar 15th 1:37pm
I asked my IT if he can make my picture enlarge and I made an enhancement of the map.  I also asked if he will allow the pictures to enlarge with a double click or single click

Wed, Mar 15th 12:44pm
I had my IT create this blog at the first of the year to keep all you faithful followers of website up to date on the happenings up here in this most beautiful area in the entire West.  I am going to try to use it more frequently so please be a little patient with me!  There is a learning curve on how to use this and to try to establish a rutine.  I wrote a great post yesterday and tried to add pictures and clicked on the wrong button and everything disappeared!  I am now going to try again.  I am going to share some pictures from last weekend and a couple of weekends ago when we went again.  So I don't loose this post I am going to post it now so you know that it is coming.  Look for my successful post with pictures soon.

Fri, Jan 27th 1:16pm
WOW!!!  Many of you have probably noticed a interruption in my Live Chester Cam today.  That is because the pageviews on my website has exploded!  We went from 53,000 views in the last month 78,434 views last week to 138,631 from December 29th to today!   (January 27th 2017)  I have had as many as 9,224 views in ONE Day!   I have had to increase my band width twice in the last month.  You all seem to enjoy the web camera and my picture posts a lot!  I am learning how to use this new blog that I had put up for you how to post pictures more often to keep you up to date on the snow level, storm happenings, lake level (by the way it is within 5 feet of the top and the snow level around the lake on the fly is between 2'-5' and this is 1 month into Winter!  Looks like we will have a FULL Lake this Summer.
This is my first attempt at posting pictures which I know you like so you can stay up to date on what is happening up here.  I will do my best to keep you informed but have to clear snow a lot which takes all day some days.
KEEP ON WATCHING and telling your friends so I have to keep on adding bandwith to this most popular individual Real Estate Office's website.  Your leader in innovation and experience in Lake Almanor and surrounding area real estate company for over 37 years.

Fri, Dec 30th 8:43pm

Lake Almanor is surrounded by picturesque mountains covered with pines and cedars with spectacular views of Mt. Lassen and other nearby mountains nestled between the Sierra Nevada Range and the Cascade Range.

Chester is a community of 3,000 at the north end of Lake Almanor. Total year round population of the Lake Almanor Basin is estimated at 9,000 including Westwood and Clear Creek. However, a dramatic increase that ranges from 30,000 to as many as 50,000 due to seasonal residents and vacationers in their cabins, lakefront cabins, luxury homes, RVs, and camp sites. All seem to disappear into the 2 million acres of Plumas National Forest, Lassen National Forest, plus 600,000 acres of Lassen Volcanic National Park.