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7375 Chester Warner Valley Rd, Chester, CA 96020
MLS #: 201600864
RMR #: 1574
1 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom
Price: $74,750 $59,900 Reduced $14,850
Listing Description:
1/2 Acre of serene mountain getaway. Small Cabin approximately 12' X 18' There is also a 8' X 10' pump house with water heater, toilet and outside shower with erectable side boards and a curtain set-up. This is the spot for great relaxation. There is a generator included so you can power your well. Also included is a septic system large enough for a 3 bedroom cabin. The owners plans were to build a log cabin but have since moved to Alaska. These lots seldom come on the market! The well also has a holding tank so you can have water while not having to run the generator for the well pump. You better hurry cause this sure won't last long. Or take your RV and or Family & Friends RV's up and hook them to the septic system and enjoy fellowship and fun.