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179 Lake Almanor West Drive, Lake Almanor West , CA 96020
MLS #: 201900534
RMR #: 1658
3 & M Bedrooms & 3 Bathrooms
Price: $1,175,000 $1,075,000 Reduced $100,000
Listing Description:
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Lakefront lodge with the best level/sandy beach in Lake Almanor West.  Next to the Rec area where your kids/grandkids can play all day long.  Completely updated with new hardwood floors, new Kitchen appliances, new granite counters, new faucets and sinks.  Fresh interior paint.  New 50 year roof.  Boat dock and 2 buoys.  New lodge furniture included. Awesome investment/rental potential with 6 beds, 2 futons and 3 beautiful Italian leather couches providing comfortable sleeping for 17 people.
Level, sandy beach is awesome. No better place in Almanor than Lake Almanor West. Great place for the kids to play. We take our Golf Car to the course where we purchased a season pass to hit range balls. Love to eat at the golf course restaurant. All the room for large family gatherings. 3 levels allows for separate families to have their own space. Very clean and comfortable.
Ownership could be possible for owners on a budget since this would make one of the BEST LAKEFRONT Vacation Rentals on the Lake Almanor Market.  Possible to rent entire rental season plus a week or two on either end of the season because of its location right next to the Lake Almanor West 3 acre plus recreation area!  Anticipated rental value $4,000 to $4,295/wk. because of the opportunity to accommodate 17+ people and the best sandy beach on the lake and the recreation area next door.  Could easily accommodate 3 close families to share the costs.  Gross income of $60,000/yr. possible!
Note there are 2 bedrooms, a loft and full bath upstairs with views to the lake.  They do not have closets but have beds/futon and are used as bedrooms with an open armoire essentially making this a 5 bedroom 3 bath home.  Great for Vacation Rental with $60,000 potential annual gross income.  The Recreation area enhances the views and is a great neighbor with expansive lawns an play equipment for grandchildren and guests.  Owner enjoys it without having to pay for it.  Rentals or private ownership doesn't get any better than this!